Maraya Jewelry

Maraya stands as a testament to individuality and bespoke artistry in the world of fine jewelry. Founded by Darya Papas, with her eclectic French, Russian, and Greek heritage, our brand is dedicated to those who seek not only to adorn themselves but to make a statement of their unique identity. At Maraya, we pride ourselves on crafting pieces that are as distinctive as the individuals who wear them, ensuring that each design is imbued with its own narrative, character, and essence. Our commitment is to offer not just jewelry, but personal emblems that stand out, reflecting the unique spirit and personality of their owners.

Darya Papas

Darya, the guiding hand behind Maraya, weaves her diverse French, Russian, and Greek heritage into the fabric of our brand's identity. Her expertise, refined through a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certification, and her passion for unique design drive our commitment to creating pieces that stand apart in the world of fine jewelry. Darya's approach is grounded in the belief that every piece of jewelry should tell a story and reflect the individuality of its wearer. Each Maraya Jewelry creation is a reflection of this philosophy, crafted for those who value expression and individuality in their personal adornment.

Our Atelier

In the vibrant heart of Dubai lies the Maraya atelier, where the essence of our unique creations is brought to life. Here, our master goldsmiths dedicate days to the creation of a single piece, ensuring that every item is a masterpiece of meticulous craftsmanship. At Maraya, we understand that true luxury is bespoke, which is why each piece is made to order, offering our clients the opportunity to tailor their jewelry to their exact wishes. This bespoke approach ensures that each creation not only bears the hallmark of Maraya's exceptional quality and design but also reflects the personal style and essence of the individual it is crafted for. In our atelier, we don't just craft jewelry; we forge personal treasures, making every Maraya piece a unique statement of its owner's taste and personality.

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